Young Masseuse

At the second meeting you pounce on me in contact with the door frame, our clothes flying, I printed against cold and blue piece of metal. I feel bestial today and as you do this a secret, get paid you my feeling – you descend dangerously and exciting fear down my spine, you attack directly with your tongue, I groan, you open my legs and press with vigor, trying to drown out the pleasant and insist pain with a wild rhythm, orgasm approaching and you stop, my breathing claims you but you let him go with a chilling laugh, telling me I’m nothing but a young masseuse hottie, you come back with a monstrous suction and thus prior to my nirvana more get up and watch as I leave with a satisfied smile on your beautiful face, lead me to your bed and tombs in it, me blindfold and ropes my hands to the head, my new vulnerability turns me, your tongue fool me twice before I turn around and put that cushion in my abdomen, know what’s coming and my moisture grows, wait, you keep looking and I squirm longing, at last you close and come back, turn to a fantasy massage giver…. give me a spanking that still rings in my ears, scream and bite me, I turn to shout and give me another spanking, flushing noise with the pillow, I feel a buzz, fighting your way between my  teen pussy, this time there is no mercy, vibrations are exquisite, I feel that exploits this delirium.


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