The Full Release Fantasy Package Massage

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My boyfriend is a football superstar, and he had just finished his most important game of the season, so I decided to be his personal masseuse for the day. HE was laying down on the bed, taking a nap, and I got on  top of him, started rubbing his back with a special oil I had bought for the occasion. He was so tired he didn’t want to get up! I leaned over his ear and whispered “Turn over”.
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He rolled over, and I started sucking on his dick, while he was struggling to open his eyes, but his dick was getting hard as well. I was giving him a dick massage as well! He signaled me to bring my pussy up to his face, so I got naked and as he was performing cunnilingus, I kept on sucking his dick. I was dying for him to fuck me, so I lay down by his side, and let him penetrate me. Interracial sex is all about hardcore, and my boyfriend is the best for it! He went in too deep, and stroke too hard. He barely had time to pull out before he busted like crazy!

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