Son’s First Fantasies

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Right in the middle of finals week, I could see my son was stressed and couldn’t handle anymore. I told him a massage would really help and fulfill his fantasies him Como and since I was a professional back in the day I told him I could offer him the best service. When I told him to undress he was really nervous but I told him it was just a part of the process and he obeyed and laid on the bed completely naked. as I was putting the towel on top of him I could see that he was really gifted Como and as I came closer to him I could see that he was really getting excited.

As I was setting up the table I made sure that he had a look at my ass in my white leggings. After rubbing his back and then his shoulders for a while told him to turn over and as I got closer my hands started wandering until they finally got to touch his dick and a second he got hard and as much as he tried to hide it the moment I put my tongue on his dick he completely transformed. She went down on me and started performing the best cunnilingus of my life. It only took him a minute to undress me and insert kiss hard dick inside me. Keep fucking me so hard, I think I’m going to be sore for days Como and as for him Como I think he’s no longer stressed about the finals.

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