Silvia Gets Frisky

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I laid down exhausted on top of her. Her hands running along my back, squeezing me tight. “Oh god, I waited for that for so long. It was just what I had always imagined it would be.”It is true we started off with a fantasy massage, but we quickly moved out of that. It was for me to. I had always known she was going to be super tight and she was. While it had been good, I really missed being able to be balls deep in pussy and the freedom to fuck as hard and fast as I might wish. But lord no, I didn’t tell her that. I rolled to the side and as I did so, I thought I saw movement in the hallway. But in my lethargy I passed it off, we were home alone after all. After a while of relaxing she jumped and said, “I need to let my husband know you got me home. You should leave before he comes back in case he is back early”. I kissed her and murmured, “I’ll get our clothes babe and be right back.”After an amazing hard massage, that’s how she kicked me out.

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