His Happy Ending Fantasy Massage

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I have been hired by a rich lady to go give her a fantasy massage in her house, but I never thought that she meant a massage with a happy ending. When I got there, she was waiting for me with nothing but a towel covering her ass. I started performing the massage and as soon as I told her to turn over, she attacked me with her naked body all over me.I did not resist at all, and she was acting like a hungry lioness over her pray.

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She ripped my clothes off and started sucking on my already turned-on dick. She licked all the way to my balls, and asked me to fuck her. I had never fucked a MILF before, but this brunette was on fire! “Put your big dick deep in me” She kept saying. She was all about hardcore sex, and I was happy to provide. I did not know the one who would have a happy ending was me!

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