Fantasy Sex StepShower

My name is Alex Lynch and I finally got to live out my fantasy with my step daddy. It was a sunny day and I decided to get a suntan at the edge of the pool. as I was tanning I saw my step daddy Come in really stressed from work. I told them to take out his shirt and come with me take a little Sun and maybe a little swim. My mom was out on a trip so we thought it would be fun If we were having a good time together. I told him that I had stretched my back on my yoga lessons and he offered to give me a massage.

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It felt so good that I told him not to stop she told me would be better if I lay down and took off my  top because my tan should be perfect I stayed down and  as my big tits touched The towel I could feel him grabbing my ass . I didn’t want him to stop so I did not say anything. we went down into the house and I started sucking on his cock. he started fingering me and I have felt I was completely wet he fucked with a strength I did not know. He had as he was pulling my blonde hair I could just scream out how much I liked it. I wish my mom goes on a work trip more often.

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