Leggy Stepdaughter’s Massage

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Yesterday me and my boyfriend came back home to do a homework together and when we got there we realized there was nobody home! I wanted an amazing massage and in my fantasy I called my mom to see if she was coming and she told me that she would be arriving later tonight. I knew my dad was out of town, so we had the house to our own. I came down on my knees and took my boyfriend’s pants down  I started sucking him in as he got harder I was getting wet. I knew what was going to happen, and I also knew I was ready for it, and had been for months.

Quickly, my boyfriend told me that he wanted me to wear nothing but my stocking and my blonde long hair. He spank my ass and had me lay down so he could come inside me. He started rubbing my tits that he thrusted harder and harder every time. I’ll do my homework more often ever this is what it includes.

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