Call Me Mommy

I scored a summer job with my neighbor who everybody said was rich and hot. All the neighborhood boys refer to her as a MILF and to me, she was a fantasy massage. I’m Ryan Connor and this is a story about how hardcore my blonde neighbor. I came to her house to do simple chores like cutting the grass or taking care about minor improvements in the house. She was hardly ever around, but when she was I could see her staring at me. One day she told me I was looking so stressed and she would help me out by giving me a naughty massage.

She told me I could take my clothes off and stay in my boxers and she would come back with the oil that was good for a bubble message. She came back wearing nothing but about of oil at all and a bra. I could see she had an arm tattoo and a big set of tits. I lay down and ask you is rubbing my back I could feel myself going crazy. She asked me to turn over and then she realized how hard I was. she didn’t hesitate to take my shorts off and start sucking on my dick. In pure passion I got her naked and didn’t hesitate to do what she really needed to be done. I spread her legs open and shove my dick inside her. As I was thrusting she screamed “Call me Mommy!”  “Teah Mommy, you like this!?”. Little did I know I would come around twice a week to be the man of the house.

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