A Female Please

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In the mornings my friend and her mother go out always,, to be honest I liked change with the door open, feeling her dad saw me, their room was directly opposite and I I watched furtively as he started touching himself, and I wanted to offer myself to him. One day I set started to masturbate in bed with the half-open door, naked, it sure looked like he liked it, I’m thin, and developed very young, so my tits were big, I touched them and moaned. He said it would help me to get a massage and I told him I was already relaxed, to what he answered “a massage is a massage, my dear tiny brunette Sabrina Banks” I leaned on the wall and he began to suck my breasts and abruptly, I got wet and my breathing quickened, I climbed into him and gave him the fantasy massage he was looking for. I try to stay over at my friend’s as often as I can, she suspects nothing when I sneak into the guest room!

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