A Soapy Massage

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During finals week I had to do a book report that was taking forever. I wanted to take the time when I was home alone to do some reading so I could get on with it. As soon as I started my. Step father came into the house and found me and my bra in the living room doing some reading. I could see the way he had looked at me before and I knew it was the same way he was looking at me now. I didn’t say a word but I could see him watching me. I finally gathered up the cards to turn around and kiss him and from then we couldn’t stop.

He told me he was just coming from training so she needn’t to take a bath before we went any further. I told him that he did not have to take a bath alone there that I could go take a bath with him and it would be our little secret. I started doing him a hand job and when I saw that he was hard enough I told him that we should go into the bathtub. He started doing a massage on my entire body focusing best on my natural perky young tits. After that he told me to get out of the tub and then I was sitting on the edge you started licking my 18 yo girl pussy and massaged my body until I came all over his face. She did another soapy massage on me when I was clean when he took me out of the bath tub he started fucking me like I ad never been fucked. I hope mommy goes away more often!

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