A Massage Just Between Friends

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It was my friend Christina’s birthday and I decided to give her the best gift she could ever want for. I invited our friend Josh over who I know she has a huge crush on and I thought that her birthday would be the perfect occasion to have a little fun between the three of us. Josh already knew what he was up for and he was really excited. As soon as Christina came over be started playing strip poker because I knew she sucked at it. When she took off the last piece of clothes Josh and I were still half dressed so I told her that since she had nothing else to give she would have to start doing challenges for us And my first time was for her to kiss.. as soon as they started kissing I knew that this was going to go down. Like A Pro hot lesbian, Josh spread her legs open and I started fingering her and sucking her pussy as Josh kissed her and she put her hands all over his dick it was so hard and so big. I took Josh’s pants off end Christina and I started kissing and then sucking his dick together. Josh sat on the sofa and I told Christina to sit on him she was surprised at first but then Josh said happy birthday. She started riding his cock and I put my pussy on his mouth as we kiss together and he fucked her. It was the first the best threesome I’ve ever had. I can’t wait for MY birthday.

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