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He picked me up and took her to the bed, I helped him take off his pants and shirt and stood in boxer, looked hard, I wanted did not know how to act I did not know whether to be bold and give pleasure using my full lips, or give him a fantasy massage with all my body, so I unbuttoned my blouse and gave him a show, followed by sweet erotic massage sex.  I decided to do it, I approached him and with a look asked permission, he did not say yes or no but neither me away when I brushed over the boxer, just threw his head back and let myself go, I’ll put his dick slowly in my mouth, gave him kisses on the tip, sucking every drop of liquid that came out.


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At the second meeting you pounce on me in contact with the door frame, our clothes flying, I printed against cold and blue piece of metal. I feel bestial today and as you do this a secret, get paid you my feeling – you descend dangerously and exciting fear down my spine, you attack directly with your tongue, I groan, you open my legs and press with vigor, trying to drown out the pleasant and insist pain with a wild rhythm, orgasm approaching and you stop, my breathing claims you but you let him go with a chilling laugh, telling me I’m nothing but a young masseuse hottie, you come back with a monstrous suction and thus prior to my nirvana more get up and watch as I leave with a satisfied smile on your beautiful face, lead me to your bed and tombs in it, me blindfold and ropes my hands to the head, my new vulnerability turns me, your tongue fool me twice before I turn around and put that cushion in my abdomen, know what’s coming and my moisture grows, wait, you keep looking and I squirm longing, at last you close and come back, turn to a fantasy massage giver…. give me a spanking that still rings in my ears, scream and bite me, I turn to shout and give me another spanking, flushing noise with the pillow, I feel a buzz, fighting your way between my  teen pussy, this time there is no mercy, vibrations are exquisite, I feel that exploits this delirium.


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After a few hours of talking and watching TV she sat next to me and started kissing me, I turn off the TV and said let’s get comfortable. Wait here told me I did not take, she went up to her room and asked me to close my eyes. It was not more than a few seconds when she said I could open them, looking up she stood before me with a white babydoll with a thong “ready to come to your fantasy massage?” She walked around and I could see her ass, take her by the waist ,her sitting on my legs made me crazy, I began to kiss while my hands caressed her cute ass, also sought to stick my finger in her ass, she let out a delicious moan and I said that’s what it’s about. I had her spread her legs open in the massage table and disposed myself to live the hardcore girlfriend massage fantasy, as the special masseuse went on staying naked face down, while I fucked my husband like two raw vicious animals.


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In the mornings my friend and her mother go out always,, to be honest I liked change with the door open, feeling her dad saw me, their room was directly opposite and I I watched furtively as he started touching himself, and I wanted to offer myself to him. One day I set started to masturbate in bed with the half-open door, naked, it sure looked like he liked it, I’m thin, and developed very young, so my tits were big, I touched them and moaned. He said it would help me to get a massage and I told him I was already relaxed, to what he answered “a massage is a massage, my dear tiny brunette Sabrina Banks” I leaned on the wall and he began to suck my breasts and abruptly, I got wet and my breathing quickened, I climbed into him and gave him the fantasy massage he was looking for. I try to stay over at my friend’s as often as I can, she suspects nothing when I sneak into the guest room!

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Yesterday me and my boyfriend came back home to do a homework together and when we got there we realized there was nobody home! I wanted an amazing massage and in my fantasy I called my mom to see if she was coming and she told me that she would be arriving later tonight. I knew my dad was out of town, so we had the house to our own. I came down on my knees and took my boyfriend’s pants down  I started sucking him in as he got harder I was getting wet. I knew what was going to happen, and I also knew I was ready for it, and had been for months.

Quickly, my boyfriend told me that he wanted me to wear nothing but my stocking and my blonde long hair. He spank my ass and had me lay down so he could come inside me. He started rubbing my tits that he thrusted harder and harder every time. I’ll do my homework more often ever this is what it includes.

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The Third Wheel

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I was feeling horny yesterday and I saw the pool boy checking me out through the window. It was so hot outside I started stripping down and I saw that he was watching me. I started to teach him and I quickly invited him over to the house. We were alone so I told him I could show him a good time and he needed to relax from a hard days work so I would give him a massage.

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I rub them all over in soon I started to put my hands down on his dick and I could feel him getting harder and harder. I couldn’t resist and I started licking his dick putting it all the way inside my mouth Walmart big blonde hair was tickling his tummy. Because I’m a busty blonde pornstar… well …I got naked for him and he started rubbing my pussy getting it ready. He he laid down and made me write him as he was putting his dick inside me I could feel him sucking on my nipples and it definitely felt like heaven and I enjoyed him like I never did before.

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Son’s First Fantasies

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Right in the middle of finals week, I could see my son was stressed and couldn’t handle anymore. I told him a massage would really help and fulfill his fantasies him Como and since I was a professional back in the day I told him I could offer him the best service. When I told him to undress he was really nervous but I told him it was just a part of the process and he obeyed and laid on the bed completely naked. as I was putting the towel on top of him I could see that he was really gifted Como and as I came closer to him I could see that he was really getting excited.

As I was setting up the table I made sure that he had a look at my ass in my white leggings. After rubbing his back and then his shoulders for a while told him to turn over and as I got closer my hands started wandering until they finally got to touch his dick and a second he got hard and as much as he tried to hide it the moment I put my tongue on his dick he completely transformed. She went down on me and started performing the best cunnilingus of my life. It only took him a minute to undress me and insert kiss hard dick inside me. Keep fucking me so hard, I think I’m going to be sore for days Como and as for him Como I think he’s no longer stressed about the finals.

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Call Me Mommy

I scored a summer job with my neighbor who everybody said was rich and hot. All the neighborhood boys refer to her as a MILF and to me, she was a fantasy massage. I’m Ryan Connor and this is a story about how hardcore my blonde neighbor. I came to her house to do simple chores like cutting the grass or taking care about minor improvements in the house. She was hardly ever around, but when she was I could see her staring at me. One day she told me I was looking so stressed and she would help me out by giving me a naughty massage.

She told me I could take my clothes off and stay in my boxers and she would come back with the oil that was good for a bubble message. She came back wearing nothing but about of oil at all and a bra. I could see she had an arm tattoo and a big set of tits. I lay down and ask you is rubbing my back I could feel myself going crazy. She asked me to turn over and then she realized how hard I was. she didn’t hesitate to take my shorts off and start sucking on my dick. In pure passion I got her naked and didn’t hesitate to do what she really needed to be done. I spread her legs open and shove my dick inside her. As I was thrusting she screamed “Call me Mommy!”  “Teah Mommy, you like this!?”. Little did I know I would come around twice a week to be the man of the house.

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A Massage Just Between Friends

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It was my friend Christina’s birthday and I decided to give her the best gift she could ever want for. I invited our friend Josh over who I know she has a huge crush on and I thought that her birthday would be the perfect occasion to have a little fun between the three of us. Josh already knew what he was up for and he was really excited. As soon as Christina came over be started playing strip poker because I knew she sucked at it. When she took off the last piece of clothes Josh and I were still half dressed so I told her that since she had nothing else to give she would have to start doing challenges for us And my first time was for her to kiss.. as soon as they started kissing I knew that this was going to go down. Like A Pro hot lesbian, Josh spread her legs open and I started fingering her and sucking her pussy as Josh kissed her and she put her hands all over his dick it was so hard and so big. I took Josh’s pants off end Christina and I started kissing and then sucking his dick together. Josh sat on the sofa and I told Christina to sit on him she was surprised at first but then Josh said happy birthday. She started riding his cock and I put my pussy on his mouth as we kiss together and he fucked her. It was the first the best threesome I’ve ever had. I can’t wait for MY birthday.

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A Soapy Massage

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During finals week I had to do a book report that was taking forever. I wanted to take the time when I was home alone to do some reading so I could get on with it. As soon as I started my. Step father came into the house and found me and my bra in the living room doing some reading. I could see the way he had looked at me before and I knew it was the same way he was looking at me now. I didn’t say a word but I could see him watching me. I finally gathered up the cards to turn around and kiss him and from then we couldn’t stop.

He told me he was just coming from training so she needn’t to take a bath before we went any further. I told him that he did not have to take a bath alone there that I could go take a bath with him and it would be our little secret. I started doing him a hand job and when I saw that he was hard enough I told him that we should go into the bathtub. He started doing a massage on my entire body focusing best on my natural perky young tits. After that he told me to get out of the tub and then I was sitting on the edge you started licking my 18 yo girl pussy and massaged my body until I came all over his face. She did another soapy massage on me when I was clean when he took me out of the bath tub he started fucking me like I ad never been fucked. I hope mommy goes away more often!

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